​Peachtree City Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic.  We offer preventive care, such as annual physical examinations, vaccinations, canine and feline heartworm testing, feline leukemia testing, and surgical, dental & radiological testing. PTCAC also offers boarding services, baths, nail trims, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.



   Primary Care:


  • Comprehensive Physical Examinations​
  • Allergy Testing, Treatment and Referral If Needed
  • Heartworm Prophylaxis-testing and Treatment
  • Electrocardiograms​
  • Radiology​
  • Professional Monitoring of Hospitalized Animals
  • Pain Management
  • Full Diagnostics


Surgical Care:


  • Spaying and Neutering 
  • Mass Removal
  • Biopsy and Analysis
  • Pre-Operative Blood Analysis
  • Intestinal Surgery
  • Urethrostomy
  • Surgical Foreign Body Removal
  • Pulse Oximetry During Surgery
  • Pain Control
Dental Care:


We provide a variety of dental procedures and carry a wide
range of professional dental products, such as:


  • Ultrasonic Scaling/Cleaning
  • Extractions
  • Puppy/Kitten Dental Evaluations
  • Prophylaxis: Water Additives, Greenies, Professional Toothbrushes
      and Paste Available


Dispensing Clinic Pharmacy:
  •  Prescription Medications - Filled while you wait or call ahead for
       pick up!
  •  Premium Quality Prescriptions Foods
  •  Heartworm Preventative - Available in the 6 month or more economical
       12 month size

  •  Flea Control - Once a month pill available in 6 month size.


Diagnostic Services Available:

With our in-house lab, PTCAC provides:
  •  Urinalysis
  •  Heartworm Testing
  •  Feline Leukemia Screening
  •  Parvo Tests
  •  Fecal Parasite Examination
  •  Blood Chemistries
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Glucose Curves and Insulin Monitoring
  •  Thyroid and Adrenal testing
​Wisdom Panel Screening:
We now offer the ability to give you an analysis of your mixed breed dog.  In 2-3 weeks you will have answers to the question, "What do you think my dog is?"  This test will offer an accurate and complete analysis of your dog's "lineage" for the past two generations. Curious? Book an appointment online today or call us directly to schedule a screening.
Avid MicroChip Services:
Peachtree City Animal Clinic can microchip your pet at any time. Avid MicroChip is one injection that allows you to rest easy! PTCAC scans each pet that comes to us as a new client. Many shelters microchip their animals so they can be identified in the future instead of being returned to the shelter because the owners cannot be determined. Please ask for a free brochure at the reception counter.
Pet Boarding:
Fido or Fluffy will be perfectly comfortable at Peachtree City Animal Clinic while you are away!  PTCAC provides air conditioned and heated private runs for both dogs and cats. Dogs are taken out individually 6+ times a day and have the luxury of running off leash in a securely fenced, grassy area. Your dog or cat will feast on quality food provided by the clinic unless you choose to bring a specialized diet. You may bring your pet's favorite bed, toys, food bowls, and treats . . . anything to make it feel like home, otherwise, PTCAC will provide clean laundry daily, plenty of treats, and anything needed to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. Dedicated to caring for your pet, our highly trained kennel staff will see to it that your furry friend enjoys their stay. Discounts on daily rates apply if pet's board together. Weekend pickup is also available for your convenience. Of course, peace of mind comes from knowing that Dr. Watts is always close by.