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Covid-19 Policy 

Due to the ever changing Covid-19 protocols, we are currently doing curbside service only as we can not socially distant properly and it is safer for our clients and staff. 

Listed below is an update on our procedures for non surgical pets:

  • When arriving at Peachtree City Animal Clinic, you will call our number at 770-487-4074. The receptionist will ask what vehicle you are in and who you have with you. 

  • A technician will come out, speak with you about any concerns or questions you have about your pet and what all is needed for today. 

  • The technician will take your pet inside. The doctor will do his or her exam and anything that is needed for your pets visit. 

  • When the doctor is done with your pet, the technician will bring your pet back out to you.

  • The doctor will come out and speak with you about your pet and any findings from that visit.

  • The receptionist will come out to go over your total for that appointment and take payment. They will bring your payment and receipt back out to you and you will be done with your visit. 

We are trying to keep every one safe during these visits. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at 770-487-4074. They will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. 

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